Nowadays, young people like us is fully attentioned by every people and every grade of age. “Youth” is a kind of word that can explain everything. Mainly, we used to hear the youth reffered to as agent of change, and in my opinion this is right. Because the future of any nation belongs to the youths of the nation. The real wealth of the nation is not in its natural resources, but in its youth resources. Youth not just can explain positive things, but also can explain negative things more. Moreover, word “youth” is very meaningful. It can construct a country, and also can destruct a country. A nation makes no greater investment than that made toward the upbringing of its younger generation. The youth is the most vibrant, energetic, and productive segment of the society, they are therefore without any equivocation, key stakeholders in any nation. The youth is the embodiment of the nation’s destiny, the signpost of the nation’s hopes, and aspirations. And, the youth is the emblem, the symbol of a nation in order to growth and develop to the future. So that is how important youth in this world.

In Indonesia, youth is the biggest generation in this country. It makes every problem that show up there must be containing youth in every news in everyday, doesn’t matter it is positive or negative. Youth in Indonesia has a struggle and long story. In the past, long before Indonesia achieve independence, youth is already smolder trough a memorable moment which held in 1928, many years ago, named “sumpah pemuda” or “youth pledge”. This proves that youth in Indonesia had a great influence in this nation since long time ago. We can’t imagine how can many young people around Indonesia unite and state a same statement about this nation while there still under occupation by the Dutch. As time goes by, year by year, and now youth in Indonesia has a little bit change, in morality, attitude, and character. We have to be careful of any small changes that lead to destructive. The untrained and undisciplined youth of one generation, becomes the criminals and the terrorists of the next generation.

In Islam, youth is one kind of a faction who has a great position too. Youth’s roles are more important than the others. Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w mentioned youth in many state either in Quran and Hadits. The example, Rasulullah s.a.w said, “Verily, Allah Ta’ala really impressed by the youth who did not has Shabwah.”. It means Allah is very proud to us as youth if we don’t follow our lust, do the right things, and get away from the badness. Allah will lift up our degree according to our akhlak. In other statement, Rasulullah also said about seven youth who’ll get shelter from Allah. Syaikh Salim al-Hilali said if this hadits shows the benefit of the youth who keep his/her faith to Allah, so he will be kept away from maksiat and badness by Allah with his ways. It shows us how big appreciation from Islam to the youth.

Author    : Fabia Ihza Dewantara (Resident)

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